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cced july outreach day

  • 418 Bamboo Lane Los Angeles (map)

Join CCED (Chinatown Community for Equitable Development) for their next Outreach Day: Sunday, July 23 @ 1-4 pm:


Meet at: Kleverdog Coworking, 418 Bamboo Lane, Los Angeles, California 90012
Learn about issues facing low-income and immigrant Chinatown residents!
Learn about and get involved in community organizing!
Improve your language skills! We will provide an orientation, snacks, and practice session.
New developments all over LA and in Chinatown are causing rents to jump up by hundreds of dollars for low-income families all over LA, just this year. In Chinatown, low-income seniors are being forced to move out of buildings in the shopping area while young, affluent folks move in. Many of these seniors who are being displaced have lived in Chinatown for over 20 years and have helped to build Chinatown into what it is today. They are being unfairly forced out of their homes because young, affluent folks are willing to pay more. Immigrant families have been illegally pressured to accept cash for keys, meaning they are pressured to accept money to leave their homes, often with no other housing options. We need your help! Join us for outreach day to support our community and learn about the issues. Meet our long-term volunteers and local housing rights organizers. Together, we will table at Alpine Park and door-knock buildings under threat, to build with residents.


We need your help in fighting gentrification and resisting displacement and evictions in Chinatown! 

Help us mobilize low-income immigrant residents to fight for their right to stay and continue living and working in a Chinatown!

Calling multilingual volunteers for onsite translation! Many Chinatown residents speak Cantonese, Khmer, Mandarin, Toisanese, Teochew, Vietnamese, or Spanish. 

If your language skills could use improvement, we'd love to have your help! We can practice and learn new vocab together.

And, if you only speak English but would like to volunteer, join us for outreach day too! Many residents speak English! You can still be a part of a movement that is multilingual and multigenerational.
Please RSVP here on the Facebook event. Questions? Please email Frances ( or Kenny (

At Outreach Day, volunteers have the option of staying inside and making phone calls or walking around Chinatown with varying levels of physical intensity and distance.

Depending on the location of the training space (upstairs and downstairs conference room), the training may be wheelchair accessible; we will do our best to use the downstairs conference area. If the training takes place in the upstairs conference room, there will be one flight of stairs. All bathrooms are gender neutral and single use; two bathrooms on the ground floor are wheelchair accessible.

The training space is not fragrance free, and we encourage attendees to refrain from wearing or using scented fragrances, perfumes, lotions, hair gel, deodorant, etc, and if washing clothes to wear beforehand, not using fabric softener or fragranced dryer sheets. The best is to wash clothes with baking soda and scent free laundry detergent.

Please feel free to contact Frances ( or Kenny ( with any additional access info and needs.

Furniture inside is moveable, and the space is air conditioned. There is ample street parking (free on Sunday) and paid parking lots nearby. Walking distance from Union Station.
Please bring refillable water bottles! We will have some snacks. And dress comfortably. Bring hats. & friends!