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the mix show!

November 4th, 2017
One sparkling night only!

443 Lei Min Way
Chinatown, Los Angeles

Are you a mix? Is your identity complex? Are you "hard to pin down"? An amalgam of many things?

Leiminspace and Sara Chao have collaborated on curating The Mix Show, focused on mixed identities and with the goal of connecting artists and creatives who run on the fuel of thoughtful musings on the many things that make them who they are. Artists' works range from addressing being a mix via cultural/ethnic heritage, sexuality, locality, gender, and, of course, the ever pervasive and complex identity of being a "hyphenated American".

We are proud to feature the work of the following artists!

Dean Alari
Arianne Alizio
Katie Ball
Rosalee Bernabe
Mitsuko Brooks
Andre Burks
Stephanie Cortez
Oscar Corona
Holly Crawford
Sofia Enriquez
Alexandre Dorriz
Paige Emery
Gabie Gonzalez
Catherina Horan
Robert Huerta
Isabella Kelly-Ramirez
Rino Kodama
Jarrett Lampley
Jennifer Lugris
Gyuri Cloe Lee
Denisse Leung
Eileen Li
Asuka Lin
Jenna Martin
Alana Medina
Elle Miza
Noah Morrison
Robben T. Muñoz
Crystal Pei
Emma Peters
Libbi Ponce
Michele Prymicz
Samar Saif
Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle
Xingpei Shen
Myriad Slits
Seo Yun Son
Velma Spencer
W.A. Raigosa
Sophie Roessler
Zoe Thomas
Wendy Valdez
Mayra Villegas
Maddy Wiryo
Mikki Yamashiro
Amia Yokoyama
Eunhae Yoo

Enjoy written works on the idea of being mixed in our reading nook!
There will also be a show catalog / zine will be available, with stories galore from our Mix Show artists for even more depth of experience. 

Come mix it up with us and celebrate what it is to be multifaceted this night!