amwa at grand park recap

illustration by cat yang

illustration by cat yang

our la voices festival
april 27+28, 2019

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music center invited amwa to table at and create programming for their annual "our l.a. voices festival" at grand park. the festival was a free multidisciplinary arts festival that presented works by la-based artists around the theme "origin stories."

for amwa's programming, we invited femme and non-binary panasian artists living and working in los angeles to lead workshops for intergenerational audiences.

we were energized and honored to lead and facilitate programming that welcomed park goers of all ages. it was heartwarming to witness and contribute to intergenerational space making in los angeles.

we tabled with art made by artists bianca nozaki nasser, brenda chi, eunsoo jeong, and joey scher. we invited artists michelle sui, jasmine lin, sara chao, seo yun son, and cat yang to lead free workshops.

some reflections by workshop artists

“songs my mother taught me: vocal workshop” with michelle sui

this workshop explored the power of voice and its unity with the body as one whole. following a vocal and physical warm-up, participants were invited to explore folk songs in their mother tongues. there was an option of sharing songs from childhood or where they are from (whatever that may mean).

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i had a great time teaching the free workshop in grand park on saturday. the participants came from diverse backgrounds and were all excited about the work. after the warm-up, many said they felt relaxed and more "in their body." during a section where i asked everyone to share songs from childhood, it was beautiful to hear individuals sing parts of songs their mothers or grandmothers taught them, and for the group to repeat it back, honoring them once again in the present moment. - michelle sui

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“food clay making workshop” with seo yun son + cat yang

this workshop asked participants to form dishes or food items out of colored clay that they can recall from distant or close memory that stirs feelings of home, comfort, community, and warmth. tied to the development of our cookbook project, we wanted to facilitate dialogue around the importance of food in the preservation of cultures and our relationships to them.

many families joined and there was always a lively mix of children, parents, young couples and friends, and older folks who wandered in and left with a small, handmade creation of their own. folks seemed excited by the prompt of making foods that remind you of home. - seo yun son

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“texture memory workshop” with sara chao

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peeling paint, formica, wood, linoleum, tile, concrete, plastic: the textures that figure in our daily lives can bring back strong memories when you see them again. in this workshop, participants were asked to remember a texture from a place they consider either as home or as being formative to who they are now. using various collage materials, participants recreated a texture memory to take home.

participants (mostly kiddos!) really enjoyed the chance to play with the materials in the workshop. some kids made entire collections of texture memories, while others began making their own projects. i liked that we made a space for kids— and a couple adults!— to have some free, creative fun. - sara chao

“our bodies - our homes”: intergenerational movement workshop with jasmine lin


feeling disconnected from our bodies is almost inescapable considering what this city demands from us. this movement workshop held space for people to reconnect with their bodies and generate sensations as tools for healing, clarity, and empathy.

the movement workshop provided an explorative space for old and new friends to dance with each other along with a couple of kiddos! it was an hour of just moving, laughing, and sweating under the sun — what joy! participants seemed to especially enjoy the intimacy of mirroring and dancing with their partners. we ended the workshop by choreographing a silly group phrase together — it was nice to see a little taste of everyone in a collaborative piece! - jasmine lin