amwa @ oc zine fest 2019

illustration by  @m0henjodaro

illustration by @m0henjodaro

zines are punk. zines are radical. zines are feminist. zines are inherently anti-capitalist. zines are collaborative. zines are deeply rooted in community building and protest.

in this spirit, we were happy to return for the 6th annual oc zine fest in anaheim, california this year. oc zine fest got started in 2014 by a network of artists, writers, musicians, designers, poets and activists engaged in diy culture and zines to connect zine makers across the county to create connections with each other and inspire others to discover zines, chapbooks and other handmade, self-published works.


for our amwa table we featured prints, buttons, zines, and earrings by: cynthia, sophie, joey, amanda, brittany, sara, seo yun, michelle, and sarah. click on their names to continue to support these artists and their rad work!


joey makes the most delightful handmade earrings made of shiny beads, resin, and other fun accouterments they find.


amanda makes plant babies you can wear! here’s a new friend debuting their sunflower earring (I snagged an orange orchid myself) ✿ ❀ ✿


we highly recommend sophie’s “objectivity of my affection” zine which breaks down the myth of scientific neutrality. the full series is on free radicals, an activist collective sophie is a part of that is dedicated to creating a more socially just, equitable, and accountable science. another popular grab was cynthia’s comics about diaspora dreaming, queer shojo manga-inspired romance, and intergenerational revelations.


these carefully cultivated sun water face + body mist collected by brittany between 8/7 - 8/11 in los angeles at various times during the day are still available to take home ;-)

our cookbook prints are available on our store!

our cookbook prints are available on our store!

pins by me - all proceeds go to  blm-la

pins by me - all proceeds go to blm-la

it was so nice seeing new (and some familiar) faces all afternoon! thank you to those who stopped by, supported our artists, and subscribed to our mailing list. please be on the lookout for our upcoming fundraiser to publish our first amwa cookbook!

until next year,

seo yun

amwa admin